This is how lipstick will stick on your lips for a long time
This is how lipstick will stick on your lips for a long time

Today we are going to share with you the easy way to apply lipstick, as it will stay on your lips for a long time, for this, it is most important to apply lipstick. Clean the lips from time to time with the help of scrubs so that they remain smooth and it is also important to keep them moisturized. Lip pencil has more wax than lipstick due to which it looks bad on our lips and lip colour cannot be removed. 

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Note that the lip primer helps the lipstick to hold on to it, it should be used before applying lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. Using primer makes the lip surface smooth so that lipstick does not spread out. If you want your lipstick to remain perfect throughout the day, then use a lip brush for this. Instead of applying lip colour in a single motion on the lips directly with lipstick, if you use a brush, the finishing will be better and the lipstick will stay on the lips for a long time.

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After applying the first coat of lipstick, it is also necessary to lighten it. This causes lipstick to freeze and there is no fear of spreading it. Now if you want, you can apply another coat as you want, light or thick. Do lip blotting to keep the lipstick lasting longer. Press and hold the tissue paper between the lips for a while. By doing this, the excess oil present on the lips will be removed. After that apply lipstick on the lips.

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