Try this trendy makeup, you will get attractive look
Try this trendy makeup, you will get attractive look

Eyeshadow is a makeup item that enhances the depth and beauty of your eyes. It is applied below the eyebrows and above the eyelid. This makes the eyes shine all over. Makeup looks incomplete without eyeshadow. On the other hand, by applying eyeshadow, you can easily draw the attention of others towards you. How to apply eyeshadow Let's now know the tips to apply eyeshadow. With them, you can take your makeup game to the next level. Eye cream Take a little eye cream and apply it on the skin around the eyes. Spread it with the help of fingers. It easily rubs into the skin. Applying eye cream keeps skin well moisturized and hydrated. Concealer is also essential Concealer is very important in makeup because it enhances the face, darkens the dark circles and also cleanses the skin color around the eyes. Concealer makes the base for eyeshadows and other eye makeup items in addition to concealing.

Pay attention, now apply mascara and this is the next step to apply perfect eyeshadow. Take a mascara which is creamy texture and can last for a long time. Apply mascara to the outer and inner corners of the eyes. Mix the two together on the side. After applying Diffuse Eye Look Black Mascara, blend it with a clean blending brush. This will give a diffuse eye look which will make the eyes look more beautiful. However, do not touch the brush from the centre. Apply Blue Eyeshadow to Eyelid Now your next step will be to apply Metallic Blue Eyeshadow to Eyelid. Dip the eyeshadow brush in the material and apply it comfortably on the eyelid. After this, apply light brown eyeshadow. This will give the eyes a perfect look. Such big eyes will look big eyes, then you have to highlight and brighten the eyes from both sides. Black eyeshadow remains the best for this. Apply black eyeshadow and blend it with a brush to make eyes look bigger.

You can also apply mascara to the eyelashes to give the final touch to the final touch eye makeup. You can also use eyelash curler for a bold look. Apply a great smudge free kajal on your eyes water line. Keep these things in mind while applying eyeshadow, clean the skin around the eyes before makeup. You may need eyeshadow brushes of different sizes for blending. Use two different eyeshadow colours. Use a cotton ball or cloth instead of a wipe.

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