Tips to design beautiful outdoor spaces

Jun 13 2021 02:50 PM
Tips to design beautiful outdoor spaces

A home that has a terrace or an outdoor area can offer many possibilities, including an amazing view especially during monsoons. There are plenty of different ways by which you can decorate your outdoor sit out space.

Having an open space or an outdoor area in your home can really add to its character while also uplifting your mood. Here are some simple and fuss-free ways to give your home an upgrade. If you are in an urban jungle, the city lights will dazzle your outdoor space. You can go for a wooden deck and modern wall cladding will add to your outdoor aesthetic, add some furnishings, exotic natural plants, mood lights and if space allows a retractable roof which will make you enjoy the space equally during the rains.

For Residential Spaces, one can add a modern, retractable pergola which perfectly demonstrates how a terrace cover idea can complete a scene. Connecting seamlessly to the feature wall, it provides all the shelter needed for the modern seating below. You can also combine an outdoor fireplace coffee table, which will help to create a cosy living room feel is created that tempts everyone out of the house, no matter the weather. 

One can also opt for neutral fabric shades throughout the set-up for a restful tone. This set-up will help you to provide a lovely indoor-outdoor feel, complete with floor lamps and lanterns to bathe the scene in a cosy glow once night falls. Just remember, your outdoor space also can have a distinct and contemporary look and an intimate and modern setting that can be enjoyed by its occupants and guests.


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