Insects have started in pulses, so clean it with these easy ways

You all know that pulses are used in almost every house in India. Yes, somewhere in the morning, pulses is made, somewhere in the evening and somewhere in both the times. By the way, there are many types of pulses, such as from tor or arhar pulses to chana pulses, urad pulses, moong pulses, masoor pulses and many kinds of pulses. pulses is delicious to eat and tasty to eat daily as well as protein-rich grains, which are considered good for many types of diseases.

Yes, and due to the daily use, people store many types of pulses in their kitchen, but often keeping the pulses for a long time, they get worms in it. In such a situation, many times there is more pebbles and dirt in the pulses, which can be cooked only by cleaning it. You all know that due to pebbles and insects, pulses gradually get completely spoiled and due to this, you should know how to easily clean insects and pebbles from pulses, so that it can be stored for a long time. Let's tell.

Whole turmeric - You can use the whole turmeric to clean the worms in the pulses. In fact, the smell of turmeric is very strong, due to which the insects in the pulses run away. You pull out the black and white membraned insects present in the pulses with four to five turmeric lumps.

Mustard oil-
Mustard oil cleans the worms from pulses as well as protects against sealing. Yes, if you have to store less pulses, you can use mustard oil. For this, add one teaspoon of mustard oil to two kilograms of pulses and dry the pulses in the sun.

Garlic- Use garlic to protect grains from insects. The smell of garlic is very strong, which drives away the insects. Yes and for this, keep whole garlic in the grain and let it dry, while the dried garlic buds will take the insects out of the grain.

How to clean the pebbles of pulses-

- Spread the pulses in the plate and remove the pebbles or dirt from it selectively.

- Pebbles can also be easily removed by spreading the pulses in the ground or in a large tray.

- If there is dirt in the pulses, then the pulses have to be washed two-three times. This also removes the polish of pulses. The washed water can wash the pulses as long as the colour is changed and dirty.

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