Don't do this mistake while applying liquid lipstick

Aug 15 2019 09:08 AM
Don't do this mistake while applying liquid lipstick

From mats to creamy, lipstick has many variants. Nowadays the mats lipstick are quite in vogue. From this, you choose them to suit your liking and give yourself a glamorous look. But liquid lipstick tips have become quite popular in the past. It gives your lips a very glamorous look. But at the same time, it's important to keep in mind a few things that you're going to have to tell you.

1. Applying matte or creamy lipstick starts with the lips above you. But don't do this with liquid lipstick. Always apply it on the lower lip first. Then apply on the entire lips.

2. When using lipstick, we often coat it for a bold look, but don't do it at all in case of liquid lipstick. Such lipstick is pigmented, so one of its coats is enough. The two coats will make the look look look bad.

3. These lipsticks do not spread like left. Sometimes the rest of the lipsticks are spoiled due to increased heat or temperature, but this is not the case with their liquid form. So don't give repeated touchups like the rest of the lipstick after applying it.

4. This lipstick is a defect that makes the lips dry enough. Therefore, apply a good lip balm on the lips before and after removing it. Use this lipstick rarely so that you don't have trouble with dryness.

5. Liquid lipstick is smudge-free so it is a little difficult to remove. When applying this, make sure that it does not spread or apply to the skin, or it will be difficult to remove. If you have this on your face, remove it from the concierge or foundation.

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