Tired of obesity, 10 tips to reduce your weight in 10 days

At present time there is a large number group of people who are suffering from obesity. Obesity is very common India and people use different unhealthy ways to reduce their weight as soon as possible.  There are various reasons of gaining weight like doing desk work for a long period or a tight routine with lot of work. People usually misunderstand that obesity is caused by eating a lot but it is not true obesity is caused by not having the right food at right time.

Usually, people find the activities of losing weight very boring and long. But By including these simple and healthy tips in your daily routine you can reduce weight in 10 days.

Start your day with exercise or yoga

A 30-minute walk or performing some simple and relaxing yoga aasan or exercise in the morning helps you to not only reduce your weight but also help in leaving a stressful life.

One apple a day keeps a doctor away

You have heard of the phrase "One apple a day keeps a doctor away" no doubt, it is very healthy to eat one apple every day.

Avoid Junk food

This one is difficult but street food contains various unhealthy substances which is the main reason for obesity. So, try to avoid it as much as you can and try to eat food prepared in your home.

Eat Green Vegetable and Fruits

Eat vegetables, fruits and various other components like eggs, chicken, and fish pulses which are rich in protein. As protein is a good source of energy and it keeps you healthy and fit.

Drink as much water as you can

Drinking water is very helpful in losing weight as water is 100 % calorie-free and helps you to keep your body hydrated at the same time it also reduces your food intake as a result it stops overeating.

Some other tips Include physical activity in your routine if you hate exercise then dancing, playing cricket or any other sports is a good option to reduce weight. Eat meals in the interval, do not eat a large amount of food at one time eat small quantity at regular intervals. Avoid alcohol and other toxic substances from your routine. Eat fibre rich food like oats rice, peas and lentils.

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