Titanic Director Statement That Bombarded Internet
Titanic Director Statement That Bombarded  Internet

James Cameron director of the iconic movie Titanic is being trolled on his latest statement on the mission titan submarine.

James Cameron commented that he spent more time on Titanic than the captain amidst the Titan submarine mishap.

On Sunday the ocean gate’s submarine Titanic's five crew members went on a mission to the Titanic wreckage. Later the submarine lost its communication. When the submarine failed to surface at the appointed time the rescue operation started. The search mission for the missing Titan Submarine has been extended. But recently said that the submarine exploded, and the five crew members died.

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In an interview, James Cameron decided to talk about what might happen with the Titan. He also stated that as soon as he learned that the submarine has lost its navigation and communication, he suspected a tragedy. He says that he was not aware of this incident till Monday.

James Cameron also mentioned that he had completed over 33 dives to the Titanic wreck. Further, he added I have spent more time on the Titanic ship than the captain did back in the day.

This statement bombarded the internet. People don’t like the statement as this is not the right to flex his achievement and knowledge about Titanic at the time people are dead. After this statement, people started trolling him on the internet. Some people don’t agree with his statement that the captain of the ship died over 110 years ago. The user stated James Cameron strongly compared the Titanic disaster and the Titan Submarine accident.   

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