To avoid age appearance, you can also do 'Japanese Yoga'

Jul 11 2019 09:50 PM
To avoid age appearance, you can also do 'Japanese Yoga'

Like your body, your face is made up of too many muscles and requires rigorous workout to keep them fit. No one wants to grow himself. It also takes a variety of treatments and exercises. Facial exercise can help to prevent its texture and old age. You can also protect your facial muscles by stretching them in dangerous ways, such as Botox or plastic surgery.

Yammi face: Open your mouth, take out the tongue and rotate the tongue to the right from the left side. Repeat one minute.

Reduce stress: Close your eyes and then open your mouth into a large O (O) shape. Smile in the same pose and then hang your mouth. 5-6 times you do this.

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Anti-gobble neck: Move your neck backwards, look upwards and shrink the lips and out. Repeat this 5-6 times.

Lip sumo: Let's say your mouth is watering and then swallow it. Do this 8-10 times.

Cheekbone Lift: Open your mouth and smile. Now move the upper cheek or cheekbone up with the help of your first finger. Keep doing this for a minute.

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