Take proper sleep to avoid memory problems and these health issues

Jul 02 2020 02:06 PM
Take proper sleep to avoid memory problems and these health issues

Sleep is free but extremely valuable gift of the god to us. Well, if said, sleep is necessary for everyone, but good sleep contributes to the healthy physical and mental development of children. In sleep, certain organs like their digestive system, liver and kidney get a chance to function properly. So children should always get enough sleep for a disease-free body and good memory. Because it is needed more for the body of children.

It is important that we take care of some things so that the development of children can be done properly. For this, we should adopt such methods as to hurry dinner to improve the sleeping pattern of children, so that it is possible to put them to sleep at the right time, it is important that the rules are the same for everyone if there is a child, then TV for children and for teenagers For net related equipment, such as teenagers thick weight for yoga exercises. This will make them sleep well. If the children ask to stay up late at night, then allow them to do so only on weekends and ask them to sleep early on Sunday night.

And most important is to keep the atmosphere of the house cool and turn off the bedroom light. Whatever time you set the children to sleep, take them to bed at least half an hour before that because after lying down they want to talk to the parents for a while and it also takes a little time to sleep. Fix one of the lovers for them and ask them to repeat the same with you before sleeping. This will send a message to the child's brain that now is the right time to sleep and he will fall asleep quickly. And this thing will be helpful for children and everyone else.

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