To increase the beauty of the eyes, apply mascara in this way
To increase the beauty of the eyes, apply mascara in this way

Makeup is very important for girls in today's time and every product has its own importance in makeup. On the other hand, to create the look of the eyes, you not only need kajal, eyeshadow, and at the same time you also need mascara for heavy eyelashes. By the way, when adopting any look, it is necessary to apply mascara to make the eyes attractive. However, you have to pay attention to some basic things. This list includes using a lash primer for at least a few minutes before applying mascara on the eyelashes. Apart from this, using an eyelid primer to prevent moisture in the mascara. With this you can follow some mascara hacks. Which we are going to tell you today.

Petroleum jelly- If you do not want to use too much mascara, then you can opt for petroleum jelly. Yes, although all you have to do is dip the wand in a jar of petroleum jelly and then use it. Yes and it is best for the perfect dewy look.

Apply powder- For this you dip the mascara wand in some baby powder and apply it on your eyelashes and then repeat. At the same time, you can use this method to get dramatic eyes.

Heat the bristles- For this, heat the bristles a little and then apply mascara on your eyelashes. Yes, this is a very good way to apply mascara in a smooth way.

Pay attention to the mascara wand- You should pay attention to the mascara wand. This is because this wand helps to make your look great to a great extent. And when it comes to workwear, go for the classic wand. Also when it comes to a party, you can opt for curved or coarse fiber brushes.

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