"Tobacco should be hiked with highest possible taxes" NGO to GST committee

A NGO of Assam has requested the GST committee to raise the taxes for Tobacco and its products. The organization demanded that the tax rate should be hiked as high as possible on such hazardous and harmful substances to save our society.

The executive secretary of the NGO society said that, it has been seen many countries that when people are addicted to the consumption of tobacco the price rate hike always works out. “An increase in tobacco prices by 10 per cent decreases its consumption by 4 per cent in high-income countries and by about 6 per cent in low and middle income countries.”

The Voluntary Health Association proposed that every tobacco product should have a same tax upon it, if there will be differences in that process, people will think that some products are maybe less harmful. India is the country where cigarettes have become more affordable and hence causing premature deaths.



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