Today is Panch Mahayog, do this somavatee Amavasya pooja
Today is Panch Mahayog, do this somavatee Amavasya pooja

You may be aware that three festivals are being celebrated on Monday, with the Saras auspicious yoga. Today, Somavatee Amavasya, Saturn is the birth anniversary of Savitri and at the same time Somavatee Amavasya is considered to be a rare ammavasya as the Amavasat falls once or twice a year on the day of Monday. Yes, it is said that for the Somavatee Amavasya, Pandav had a whole life, but in his life there was no somavatee. At the same time, it is believed that the Amavasya is always a great fortune on the day of Monday.

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It is said that this day the Holy rivers are bathed in a bath. With this, Monday is the day of the moon, and it is a special virtue for the reason that the sun and moon live in a sidh. Says Somavatee Amavasya is dedicated to Lord Shiva and on this day bathing in holy rivers is of special significance, this day the Ganges bathing brings peace to the soul of the fathers. In the scriptures for the day of Amavasya, it is believed that it is forbidden to break a leaf from the tree.

It is said that Somavatee is the law of worship of the tree of the people on the Amavasya and on this day the married women revolve in the tree of the people by worshipping them with milk, water, flowers, virgin, sandalwood. With this this day should worship Lord Shiva, goddess Parvati and Tulsi. There is a belief that arth the Surya Dev on this amavya can alleviate the impoverishment of the house and this Amavasya Bath is best for charity.

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