Crude oil has come below $90, know whether petrol-diesel prices increased or decreased

Amidst the fall in crude oil, oil companies have released new rates of petrol and diesel today i.e. at 6 am on Thursday. Yes and despite crude oil coming down to $90, there is no relief in the prices of petrol-diesel today. Even today, the prices of petrol and diesel are the same as they were till now. Let us also tell you all that Brent crude has become cheaper at $89.63 per barrel, while WTI has come down to $82.74 per barrel. With this, let us tell you that today one litre of petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 96.72.

At the same time, except for Maharashtra and Meghalaya, there has been no change for the 124th consecutive day in all the states including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Currently, the most expensive fuel in the country is in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Yes, and earlier the most expensive petrol was available in Parbhani, Maharashtra. While petrol is cheaper by Rs 29.39 in Port Blair as compared to Sri Ganganagar, diesel is also cheaper by Rs 18.50. Let us also tell you that in Port Blair Petrol is Rs 84.10 and diesel is Rs 79.74 litre.

By the way, you can also check the price of petrol and diesel in your city daily through SMS. For this, Indian Oil (IOC) consumers can send RSP<dealer code> to 9224992249 number and HPCL consumers can send HP PRICE <dealer code> to number 9222201122. At the same time, BPCL consumers can send RSP<dealer code> to the number 9223112222.

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