Today's Partial solar eclipse: all you need to know

Jul 13 2018 01:02 PM
Today's Partial solar eclipse: all you need to know



On 13th July 2018, India will witness a partial solar eclipse. It would start at 07:18:13 and will continue till 08:31:05. It would last for a duration of 1 hour 13 minutes. Apart from India, this eclipse would be visible in Tasmania, New Zealand’s Stewart Island and northern coast of Antarctica.

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The partial solar eclipse occurs when some part of the moon casts a shadow on the surface of the sun. It is not likely to viewed with naked eyes but it can be seen through special glasses, camera and lenses. It is advisable to not to eat during the eclipse as a bacteria gets active in absence of sunlight which could affect adversely to our Heath. It is also recommended that cooking should also be avoided during the eclipse. Some people also believe to take bath after the eclipse to avoid the negative impact of the eclipse.

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On July 27, another celestial event ‘ Blood Moon’ would be occurred. It is expected to visible in India, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and India. It is estimated to last more than 100 minutes. It is expected to cast a larger shadow on the as the earth would be at a greatest distance from the sun and moon will be at the larger distance from earth. 

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