Tom Brady revealed that he and kim kardashian are just platonic pals
Tom Brady revealed that he and kim kardashian are just platonic pals

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian are just pals. There was no romance involved when Kim asked Tom for help on purchasing property in Baker's Bay, Bahamas.

Tom Brady, a former NFL great, is reported to be Kim Kardashian's newest love interest. Due to comparable recent occurrences in their lives, the two well-known American figures have been connected. They both recently got divorced.

Sources confirm that Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady are only pals, despite persistent reports to the contrary. The reality TV personality contacted the NFL great for guidance on buying property in Baker's Bay, Bahamas, where he has a vacation home, despite lingering romance allegations.

Kim and Tom have kept in touch, but they only have a platonic relationship, a source exclusively revealed to Us Weekly. She currently has no interest in dating Tom or anybody else.

 Brady assisted Kardashian in her search for a home in the Bahamas. This gave rise to rumors that the famous couple was dating. However, Brady's representative has described them as merely "friends."


According to reports, Kardashian, 42, called Brady to beg for advice before her trip to the Bahamas. Brady's representatives, however, insisted that there is no romance between the two and that they are simply keeping things "friendly."

They both share a number of friends. The two single celebrities are not quite prepared to begin a new romance, though.

Regarding her most recent run-in with Davidson at the Met Gala, sources claim it was a cordial reunion between two people with a common past. An insider says, "Pete and Kim have a lot of history together, so it was nice running into each other and catching up."



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While the encounter between Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady may have created rumors, it appears that their relationship is just amicable. The tabloid world will surely continue to closely follow both people's personal travels as they go about their lives.

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