Top 10 funny jokes and lovely images to share

1- Santa And Banta Are Walking On A Road, And They Find A 1000 Rupee Note Lying Down.

Santa – What Should We Do Now?

Banta- We’ll Take 50:50.

Santa- What About The Remaining 900?

2- How Did The Samoan Climb The Tree? He Didn’t. He Scared The Limbs Out Of It.

3- A: Just Look At That Young Person With The Short Hair And Blue Jeans. Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

B: It’s A Girl. She’s My Daughter.

A: Oh, I’m Sorry, Sir. I Didn’t Know That You Were Her Father.

B: I’m Not. I’m Her Mother.

4- David: Why Did The Broom Get A Poor Grade In School?

Dan: I Don’t Know. Why?

David: Because It Was Always Sweeping During Class!

5- Father To Son:

Whenever I Beat You,

You Don’t Get Annoyed,

How You Control Your Anger?

Son: I Start Cleaning The Toilet.

Seat With Your Toothbrush

6- The Teacher To A Student: Conjugate The Verb “To Walk” In Simple Present.

The Student: I Walk. You Walk ….

The Teacher Intruptes Him: Quicker Please.

The Student: I Run. You Run …

7- Don’t Be Racist; Racism Is A Crime; And Crime Is For Black People.

8- Boy: Girl, Whats Your Number?

Girl: I Have A Boyfriend

Boy: I Have A Math Test

Girl: What?

Boy: Aren’t We Talking About Things We Cheat On?

9- Man: How Did You Compromise With Your Wife?

Husband: She Came To Me On Her Feet.

Man: And What She Said?

Husband: I Was Down To Bad And She Said Come Out, I Will Not Say You Anything…

10- A Robber Comes Into The Store & Steals A TV.

A Blonde Runs After Him And Says, “Wait, You Forgot The Remote!”

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