Tragic Murder in Ambedkar Nagar: Shahbaz and Associates Tragically Pursue Minor Hindu Girl to Her Residence

It was on September 16,  that a heart-wrenching incident unfolded in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, where a young Hindu girl lost her life while returning home from school. The individuals responsible, Shahbaz and Arbaz, allegedly caused her to lose control of her bicycle by tugging at her dupatta. Tragically, Faizal, the third suspect, ended her life by fatally running her over with his motorcycle. The authorities promptly arrested the accused, charging them under Sections 302, 354, 298, and 304 of the IPC, in addition to relevant sections of the POCSO Act.

The grieving family also shared intimate details about the deceased girl, including her hobbies and academic accomplishments. They spoke at length about the emotional distress she had been enduring due to the accused. Moreover, they provided a detailed account of the events that transpired on that fateful day, September 16.

The village of the deceased victim is located approximately 15 kilometers away from Tanda town in Ambedkar Nagar, with the Hirapur market being the closest commercial hub. Upon our arrival at the victim's residence, we found her family members and relatives gathered outside. Their dwelling was in a severely deteriorated state.

Sabhajeet Verma, the father of the 17-year-old victim, appeared distraught, having lost his beloved daughter. Despite grappling with extreme poverty, he had been steadfastly ensuring that his daughter received an education, nurturing hopes for her prosperous future. While shedding tears and recalling memories of his daughter, Sabhajeet Verma revealed that there were, in fact, four culprits behind his daughter's tragic demise.

In addition to the individuals apprehended by the police--Shahbaz, Arbaz, and Faisal--he named Salim's son, Munnu, as the fourth suspect. According to him, Munnu was a resident of Arthalwa town. Sabhajeet Verma explained that the shock of witnessing his 17-year-old daughter's lifeless body had left him disoriented, causing him to initially overlook Munnu as the fourth perpetrator. He fervently called for action against Munnu and the other accused.

Describing the murder as a meticulously planned and premeditated conspiracy, the deceased girl's sister and father expressed their anticipation for Yogi Adityanath's administration to take decisive action against the accused. Notably, Munnu, the fourth suspect, remains at large, adding another layer of complexity to this tragic situation.

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