BREAKING! Police Encounter Ends Life of Alok Gupta's Murderer, Shahbaz, in Shahjahanpur

Shahjahanpur: In a shocking turn of events, Shahbaz, the assailant responsible for the murder of Professor Alok Gupta in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, met his demise in a police encounter. The incident occurred while law enforcement officials were en route to present the apprehended suspect in court. A sudden and unexpected obstacle, in the form of a stray animal, disrupted their journey, causing the police vehicle to lose balance and overturn. Seizing this momentary chaos to his advantage, Shahbaz wrested control of the sub-inspector's firearm, discharged it, and made a swift escape into the nearby fields.

Details of the Incident:
In the early hours of Tuesday, a group of delinquents forcibly entered the residence of a college assistant professor, intending to commit robbery. The commotion awoke 35-year-old Professor Alok Gupta, who courageously confronted the intruders. In response, the miscreants viciously attacked him with a knife, tragically claiming his life. The perpetrators displayed an utter lack of humanity during this heinous act, even inflicting grievous injuries upon the professor's eye.

Nine family members wounded:
According to SP Ashok Meena, the assailants brutally assaulted Alok Kumar with sharp weapons, resulting in his immediate demise. Subsequently, they turned their violence towards Alok Kumar's wife, Khushboo, his father, Sudhir Gupta, his brother, Prashant, as well as Prashant's wife, Ruchi, and their three children, inflicting severe injuries. These victims were rushed to a private hospital in Bareilly in critical condition. The police promptly formed two teams to pursue and apprehend the culprits.

Tension grips the region:
Following this horrific incident, an air of tension engulfed the local populace, leading to the blockade of the National Highway by concerned citizens. Law enforcement authorities succeeded in apprehending the accused. Presently, a reward of Rs 50,000 has been offered for the Assistant Director General (ADG) and Rs 25,000 for the Superintendent of Police (SP). SP Ashok Meena also revealed that, apart from the professor's murder, Shahbaz was implicated in another homicide involving a local medical store owner, Sartaj.

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