Tragic Passing of 'Extreme Weight Loss' Star Brandi Mallory Unveils Startling Details
Tragic Passing of 'Extreme Weight Loss' Star Brandi Mallory Unveils Startling Details

Brandi Mallory, a beloved figure from Season 4 of 'Extreme Weight Loss,' tragically passed away at the age of 40. The shocking cause of her death was revealed a month after her demise, as an autopsy report cited "complications of obesity." Mallory, who remarkably shed weight from 329 pounds to 178 pounds during her time on the show, was last seen on the evening of November 8. Concerns arose the following day when individuals from a nearby store noticed her unresponsive in a vehicle.

The autopsy report, obtained by TMZ on December 6, disclosed startling insights into the circumstances surrounding her passing. Mallory reportedly had a condition causing her heart to enlarge beyond normal proportions, and a blood test indicated an elevated risk of developing diabetes. The official cause of death was determined as "natural," with no signs of foul play or recent severe injuries found during the investigation.

While the autopsy revealed detectable levels of alcohol and marijuana in her system, these substances were not contributory to her death. Mallory had previously shared that the premature passing of a sorority sister at 29 years old had motivated her to participate in the weight loss reality show.

Chris Powell, Mallory's former weight loss trainer from 'Extreme Weight Loss,' expressed his condolences to PEOPLE, describing her as "a bright, shining light for everybody around her." He highlighted her infectious energy and passion for body positivity, emphasizing how her openness about her weight struggles inspired countless others to accept and embrace their bodies.

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