Trai Suggests Development of New App for DTH Channel Selection

Aug 10 2019 01:29 PM
Trai Suggests Development of New App for DTH Channel Selection

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in India has made some necessary changes to the DTH industry rules. To make the tariff plans available to customers more transparent than ever before, all DTH and cable TV providers have to change their plans according to the new TRAI rules. According to these rules, customers can now select channels of their choice and will have to pay for these channels only. In the three-month-long process, many customers designed their packs, while others shifted to the company's basic packs.

For your information, subscribers have the option to select and pay for the channel pack of their choice after TRAI's new tariff order. This was a major change for the industry as subscribers had to choose one of the packs that were available from DTH or the cable service provider earlier. Clearly, the new system was a much lucrative deal for subscribers and caused losses to providers. That's why DTH and cable providers were not giving the subscribers a Prop platform to select channels.

As such, TRAI decided to help customers select the channel and brought the platform for the same. Now, in another step, TRAI is also developing a new app. In a notification issued by TRAI, it said, "TRAI has made several efforts to ensure better implementation of the new framework, including meetings with DPOR, use of electronic and news media and direct interaction with customers. Despite all the efforts, we have been repeatedly exposed that customers are not able to truly choose TV channels to their liking."

In its statement, TRAI said, "In view of such difficulties, the Authority is feeling the need to have a third party channel selection system developed in public interest. Consumers will be able to easily select their packs because third-party apps will be easily accessible to all customers connected to the broadcasting and cable service sector.' The document has been prepared, which combines the common APIs of Distribution Platform Operators (DPOs). This will allow third-party users to develop apps.

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