Trailer Of 'Ocean 8' is Out, the Con Drama Will Return to Theaters
Trailer Of 'Ocean 8' is Out, the Con Drama Will Return to Theaters

Once again through the Hollywood movie 'Ocean 8', the drama of robbing money is going to appear on the big screen. The first trailer of 'Ocean 8', the fourth film of the 'Ocean' film series, has been launched. This time the most important thing in the film is that all the main characters have played the girls.

After watching this trailer of about two and a half minutes, everyone is eagerly awaiting the film. In the film, Sandra Bullock became the sister of Danny Ocean, Debbie Ocean, of the previous films. They recruit 7 girls for the execution of a theft plan. In the trailer, Debi confesses to the officials for his parole that he only wants to pay his bill.

The girls who approach Debbie for the theft include Keat Blancet, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, Aquafina and Maardi Clinging. All plan together for the theft of jewelry that makes the film very interesting. 'Ocean 8' is directed by Gary Ross. Prior to this, the films of the Osian series were directed by Steven Soderbergh. The film is produced by the heroes of the previous films, George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh.

The film will be released next year on June 8, 2018. Earlier the film's teaser was released. Sandra is the first to include Kate Blanchett in her mission. Debbie is sitting in front of his brother Danny's grave in a scene, where it is written, "Danny died in 2018". Now Danny is really dead or he has pretended to die, only after seeing this movie will know.

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