Train Derailment Disrupts Rail Services near Chennai
Train Derailment Disrupts Rail Services near Chennai

Three empty carriages of an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train derailed in the vicinity of Chennai, causing disruptions to the train services in the region.

In the early hours of Tuesday, near Avadi railway station in Chennai, three unoccupied carriages of a suburban EMU train experienced a derailment. The incident occurred while the train was being moved from the Avadi EMU Car shed to the mainline. The Southern Railway Public Relations Officer (PRO) confirmed the derailment.

The consequences of this derailment led to significant delays, regulations, and rescheduling of approximately twelve train services. Among these disruptions, five EMU trains bound for Chennai Central had to be rerouted. Additionally, three express trains, namely the Vande Bharat (Chennai - Mysore), Shatabdhi (Chennai - Mysore), and Kovai Express (Chennai - Coimbatore), were regulated near the Ambattur railway station.

Similarly, three other trains, namely the Saptagiri Express, Brindavan Express, and Double Decker Express, had their departure times adjusted due to the derailment incident.

According to officials, the suburban Uttar Pradesh line heading toward Chennai Central was impacted, and a minor disruption occurred on the mainline due to a technical issue with an overhead equipment (OHE) cable. In response to the situation, the Divisional Railway Manager and a team of senior officials are present at the scene.

Efforts to restore normal train services are underway, with the mainline already reopened for traffic, allowing express trains to resume their journeys. EMU services have been diverted to run on the fast line, further alleviating the disruptions.

Officials have reassured that work to restore the suburban line is progressing, and they anticipate that normal traffic will be reinstated within a few hours.

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