Trained dogs can sniff out Covid-19-positive samples: Report
Trained dogs can sniff out Covid-19-positive samples: Report

New Delhi: Search dogs are giving extremely accurate results like investigations, RTPCR in detecting corona infections in humans. Although it may sound awkward, French scientists found in their study that dogs that are trending for the power of smell can accurately predict corona infections in them with the smell of human sweat. Moreover, these dogs are able to perform covid screening within minutes while rapid antigen tests take at least 15 minutes to detect infections.

Researchers at the National Veterinary School of Elford in Paris found in their study that dogs can give an accurate estimate of corona infection swells to 97 percent of human infections because of their ability to sniff. Researcher Dominic Grandjean explained that the reaction the human body reacts to corona infection is also reflected in a person's sweat and salaiva so that dogs can sniff and identify. Grandjean says dogs have so far been trending to detect explosives or drugs, but this is the first time in corona crisis that their sniffing ability is being used to detect the viral disease. Another research on the ability of dogs to sniff is also being conducted by the Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Dog Centre, which is trying to find out if dogs will be able to distinguish between vaccinated people and infected people. If this is possible, the demand for such trend dogs will increase further.

An international task force has found that an investigative dog can perform corona screenings of 300 humans a day and will not require direct contact with the man. Just as an antigen test requires swab samples from the nose, such contact will not have to be done and corona test will take place in a very short time and resource. The International Task Force was coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO) for use in covid screening of search dogs.

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