These are the best option for a destination wedding

Nov 25 2019 12:22 PM
These are the best option for a destination wedding

For the kind of feel you want to give to your wedding and the kind of decoration you want to get, you get a lot of choices at a destination wedding, from which you can choose the option according to you. If you are planning to get married in places close to Delhi this wedding season, then these options will be best for you.

Suryagarh of Jaisalmer: Suryagarh of Jaisalmer is also a good option for a wedding destination. Rajputana chivalry can be felt here. The sand is visible from far and wide. Actually the Thar Desert from Suryagarh can be seen from the front. Yellow sandstones look quite beautiful in this boutique hotel, which matches the color of this dessert. The wedding in this Royal Feeling Hotel will become a part of your beautiful memories forever.

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Narendra Bhawan of Bikaner: If you want royal elegance at your wedding, then Narendra Bhawan of Bikaner is a great option for this. This hotel tells an interesting story about the life of Maharaja Narendra Singhji (1948–2003), the last ruler of Bikaner. The special thing about this hotel is that when arriving here, the guests feel like themselves. The design and interior decorations of this building are quite attractive. In such a situation, beautiful memories of this building will always be with you when you get married here.

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Noor Mahal: This five-star hotel is inspired by Indian Heritage. In this hotel, you get to see the same royal chic, which was seen in the royal houses in earlier times. One advantage over choosing Noor Mahal as a destination wedding is that it is very close to Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana, etc. That is, people living in these places can easily move here. The beauty of the interiors of Noor Mahal and the natural beauty around here will fascinate you.

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