If you plan to go to Mumbai then definitely visit these places

Dec 13 2019 01:44 PM
If you plan to go to Mumbai then definitely visit these places

As soon as the name of Mumbai comes, the image of a crowded and busy urban life emerges in the mind. But even away from this image, there are many things that you can explore only in Mumbai. Along with visiting Marine Drive or Gateway of India in Mumbai, you will definitely do these things once. Believe me, this time you will see Mumbai with different specs.

Look at the spiritual side as well: Mumbai is known for its nightlife or leisure and work busyness, but apart from that, it also has a spiritual side that you must visit. In Mumbai, you will find many temples and mosques, which have their own faith. While the Haji Ali Dargah Mosque is surrounded by water, on the other hand, in the Sri Mahalakshmi temple you will have a very enchanting and attractive appearance of the Goddess of Wealth. And they are not far from each other.

Racing fun: If you want to do something different and interesting in Mumbai, then enjoy racing here. For this you can go to Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai. Located near the Mahalaxmi beach, this Mahalaxmi racecourse is one of the world's famous racecourses. Racing at Mahalaxmi Race Course takes place six months of the year between October to April. If during this time you are planning to go to Mumbai then you must go here.

Bandra Street Art: Bandra is arguably one of the most posh areas of the city, but it is not only famous for its food. If you walk on the streets here, you will be able to explore the street art here. This street art in Bandra definitely enhances its beauty manifold.

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