If you're traveling in a flight, you must know these Facts!

Aug 20 2019 05:28 PM
If you're traveling in a flight, you must know these Facts!

Everyone would love to walk around. So if you go somewhere by flight, you have to take care of many things. Traveling in an airplane is a convenient ride with a pleasant experience. Because the plane offers many features and there are flight attendants to serve you. But let's tell you there is some information you don't know. Let us tell you today about those things related to the flight.

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* Information is not provided in case of death
Flight attendants provide first aid to a passenger if he or she is in a bad condition during the flight journey. Specialists are also contacted if required and medicines are given as per their requirements. If the passenger dies for any reason, it is not reported to other passengers. The dead body is covered with just a sheet of living wherever it is.

* dead bodies come with accessories
Your luggage is not with you while on the flight but is kept in the cargo. Many more goods are also sent in the cargo. It's possible that you have a corpse in the place where you are engaged. The dead body is always marked with HR, which means Human Remains.

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* Attention to dirt
A plane flies several places throughout the day. The entire plane is cleaned whenever a journey is completed, but not necessarily all the tables along the plane. Cleaning here means disinfecting. Many times all the tables are cleaned from the same fabric. So that the dirt on one table falls to the other table.

* Sheets and trays are not fresh
Even though a plane has many flights a day, it's not necessarily a fresh sheet and a food serving tray. Whenever a journey is completed and the plane is prepared for the next trip, the usually used sheet is flattened. The same is true of trays. It is better to use the hand sanitizer with you.

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