WATCH: TREASURE release an exciting first MV teaser for upcoming comeback

On October 1st, the teaser music video for the album's lead single, "HELLO," by YG's group TREASURE, was made available. It is a video that attracted viewers' eyes and ears by revealing the main chorus and performance for the first time. TREASURE's new music colour was previously teased through a variety of teaser content, and the new song received a lot of attention.

In turn, each TREASURE member's various charms were displayed in the video. The viewers' hearts leapt for joy as their more sophisticated appearance and visually stunning graphics played out in a variety of compositions. At this moment, punk rock music burst on the scene, turning the mood around. Where You've Been All My Life's Lyrics, which were added on top of it, had a profound effect on TREASURE's good spirit and left a lasting impression. Hello Hello Hello's Lyrics, as well as the choreography's precise expression of it, were also highly addicting.

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The situation has reached its climax as people are curious about both the euphemism and the major portion of the music video. YG stated, "'HELLO' contains a strong and pleasant message that the members want to convey. It will be an energetic dance song completed with TREASURE's unique musical color."

On October 4th, TREASURE will release their second mini album, titled "THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO." The songs on the album, which were all written and composed by various members, include "HELLO," "Volcano," "CLAP!"," "THANK YOU," and "HOLD IT IN." There are a total of 6 tracks on the physical album, including the "DARARI" ROCK REMIX version.

Check Out the MV Teaser below: 

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