4 Ways to treat minor burns at home
4 Ways to treat minor burns at home

Minor burns are very common problems from which we encounter in our kitchen daily. These burns don't need a trip to the hospital always. If you are a woman who cooks food must be aware of the pain caused by these minor burns. It hurts very much till it gets cured. 

Thes sort of burns or cuts gets nasty when we do not treat them quickly. So here are some ways to treat those burns immediately at home.

Black tea:
Black tea contains tannic acid, which helps in drawing heat away from the burnt skin and thereby, making it less painful. Place a cool, wet black tea bag on the skin and bind it with gauze.

Its antibacterial properties will ensure that the skin doesn't get infected and it will keep the skin cool too.

Proteins and fat in milk will not only cool down the burn but will also promote healing. For best results, soak the burn in cool milk for 15 minutes.

Mint toothpaste:
Run the burnt area under cold water and after it patting it dry, apply a layer of mint toothpaste. It will cool down immediately. This is one of the common ways of treating burn

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