Natural and effective remedies for epilepsy
Natural and effective remedies for epilepsy

Epilepsy is a type of brain disorder that causes the brain to not function smoothly. These are getting a strange disease. Epilepsy disease is known as Caesar Disorder in English. In this disease, the patient's body suddenly scarce. At the same time, there are strange seizures. It can annoy everyone, but you can use some domestic methods to avoid it. So let's know about those measures.

Epilepsy Symptoms

- Mind blanking while talking, the sudden flapping of muscles
- Having eye trouble with bright lights, sudden fainting
- Sudden loss of control of muscles


- Grinding basil leaves and rubbing it on the body benefits the epilepsy patient. Sniffing camphor with Tulsi leaves makes the epilepsy patient conscious. Chewing 20 leaves of Tulsi daily can cause a decline in the severity of the disease.

- Sprinkle a little Asafoetida powder on a lemon and suck it to relieve from epilepsy. By mixing Asafoetida powder in lemon and sucking it daily will stop epilepsy seizures in a few days.

- Grape juice should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach. This treatment is about six months to get pleasant results.

- Applying wet soil to the patient's entire body is an extremely beneficial treatment.

Epilepsy patient stops the seizures by mixing 50 grams of mehndi leaf juice in 250 grams of goat milk and drinking it in the morning for two weeks.

- Petha juice is more profitable than drinking regularly. Sugar and mulheti powder can also be added to the juice. Butter made from cow's milk benefits epilepsy.

- Grind the rye and make the powder. When the patient has a stroke, the smell will go away, fainting will go away.

- According to research, an epilepsy patient should take high fat and low-carbohydrate food. This decreases the caesar fall interval.

- You should avoid taking the stomach full of food. A little food can be taken several times.

- The patient should eat just fruit a day in a week.

- Doing a little exercise should also be part of the lifestyle.

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