This person lost his purse, what happened next will make you laugh!

Today we are going to share with you a very strange but funny incident, Tim Cameron, who lives in London, was cycling on his way home from his office on Monday when his purse was lost. No such card or document was kept in his purse so that his owner could find out about Cameron. In such a situation, Cameron thought that he had lost his purse forever. But the person who got that purse found a very unique way to reach its owner, that is, Cameron.

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According to sources, 30-year-old Cameron checked his bank account to find out if something went wrong after his purse was stolen. Surprisingly, there was a mess, but not as Cameron had thought. Yes, someone put money on Cameron's account. Cameron notices that his account has been transacted four times and that each time a penny ie £ 0.01 was credited. There was also one message in each of the four transactions. When he read that message, it was something like, "Hi, I found your purse on the road." The phone number was written with this message and he was requested to talk or message on it.

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