Mudra Utsav: 2200-year-old coins are seen here, now they are not in trend

Today we will tell you about a very strange story which has been recorded in our history today. The three-day Mudra Utsav, which started for the first time in Lucknow Pradesh, started on Friday in a hotel in Hussainganj. In the exhibition organized by the Awadh Numerismatic Society for the auction, the audience got to see Avadh, Mughal, British paper money, notes issued for Haj, 3D and broken stamps.

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Avi Chandra from Puducherry has been collecting currency for the last forty years. The audience liked the polymer-studded currency in Bangladesh, Nigeria and other countries on his stall. Notes are made from paper in India but notes made of polymer last for a long time.

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A note issued for pilgrims during the Haj pilgrimage in the year 1959 is kept here. One hundred rupee note printed by RBI is among the most expensive currencies. Only select currencies are included in the auction. Chief guest Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh inaugurated the exhibition by cutting the lace. DGP Rajendra Pal Singh was present as the guest of honor. Around 50 people bought currencies from India and abroad on the first day of the exhibition. The 2200-year-old coins of the Indo Scythian period were seen at the stall of Mukesh Verma from Delhi.

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