On the night of Diwali, the rat created havoc, burnt labour's house

On the night of Diwali in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly city, the rat burnt the laborer's house. The walls of the laborer's house collapsed due to the accidental explosion of the rat and all the goods burned to ashes. The severely scorched worker and his son have been admitted to the hospital. Satish, a resident of village Behati of Subhashnagar, said that his two-storey house has been built. Family members came to light the lamp on the floor above. After this, the rat put the lamp on the pipe of the cylinder. Causing the cylinder to burst. Hearing the sound of the blast, the family tried to extinguish the fire. In which Satish and his son Pawan got scorched. The injured were admitted to the district hospital late at night. From where he has been sent to a private hospital. The victim said that 45 thousand rupee notes kept with him were burnt.

 The injured Pawan said that his mother's jewelry, etc. have all fallen under fire. His father Satish labors at the flour mill. Pawan is the auto driver.

It is worth noting that after the house was set on fire, the victims themselves managed to control the fire. The victims told that they tried to inform the fire brigade and the police but the contact couldn't be done. After a long time the police reached the spot. Satish, who was injured in the fire, told that he takes care of many animals. Any animal that comes from monkey, cow, rat etc. gives food to him. Everyone comes to them regularly and goes back to eat. The rat had been living in their house for several days. On Diwali night, he also gave food to the rats. Shortly thereafter, an accident took place.

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