Because of this one mistake, this woman became dumb for 12 years

Today we are going to share with you very shocking news. In a terrible incident happened to Mary McCardy, in which she lost her voice once she fell ill. After that she remained dumb for 12 years. One day she suddenly comes to know that a three pence coin is stuck around his neck. The incident dates back to 1970, when Mary was 12 years old. Britain-born Mary moved to Australia with her family. She slowly started learning the language there and started a new life. But, within a month, her whole world changed.

Mary said, one day when I woke up, I had a cold. After checking in a day or two, I came to know that I have bronchitis. There was a sore throat and a high fever for a week. After this, the fever was cured and the lung infection also ended and health started improving.

It is worth noting that even after about six weeks, there was no sound from the throat. Slowly, Mary assumed that she would never speak. Gradually Mary became a victim of depression. She could neither cry nor express her anger over anything. She said that due to loss of voice, I became completely alone and at the age of 14, I also tried suicide. She was then sent to a mental patients hospital. When she was 25 years old, her health suddenly worsened one day. He started coughing and blood started coming from his mouth. He then came to know that something was stuck in his neck. The doctor noticed that something like a piece of mucus stuck in Mary's throat. When the doctors took him out, he saw that he was a coin of three pence, not mucus. This coin was stuck in Mary's neck since 1960, but she has no idea how this coin was stuck in her neck. Mary's voice returned as soon as the coin came out of her throat.

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