Husband hit wife with hammer due to financial disputes

Feb 27 2020 03:18 PM
Husband hit wife with hammer due to financial disputes

Bhopal: Due to domestic strife in the MP Nagar area last Wednesday morning, a husband got angry and killed his wife with a hammer. On this matter, neighbors have told that the family was going through the financial crisis. The wife used to ask her husband to work to raise the children and family. There was a dispute between them about this. The accused person is a disabled person. He is suffering from one hand gangrene disease.

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According to TI Manish Rai, Shanno lived with her husband Farid in Rajiv Nagar. Farid is a disabled person. He previously operated a tea shop near the Aishbagh Stadium. For some days, he left work and sat at home. Shanno used to get very upset due to this. With financial constraints, she used to tell her husband that if he cannot run a shop, then do some other work, so that they can manage or live up to meet the ends. On Wednesday, there was a lot of discord between the two about this matter. The dispute increased so much that gradually the dispute was turned into a fight. Meanwhile, Farid attacked Shanno's head and temple with a hammer placed nearby. She fell to the ground and died on the spot due to excess blood. Police reached the spot on the information of neighbors. The accused husband has been arrested.

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When the police brought the accused Farid to the police station, he was angry to see his condition but was also helpless. Actually, Farid is a handicapped person. He has skin disease on his hands. One hand of the accused is infected due to gangrene. Police have started investigating the case further.

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