Trump's Cadillac Limousine is out for auction

Feb 21 2017 12:22 PM
Trump's Cadillac Limousine is out for auction

United States President Donald Trump have spotted his most favorite car Cadillac Limousine. The 1988 flagship is out for the sale in the United Kingdom. The car will be initially sold with the 50 units only, which then to be increased.

As per the reports, Trump is planning to buy all the units of the car. Recently car is been named after Trump as,  Cadillac Trump. Trump is in love with the car since the first day, he rode over a car with  Cadillac general manager John Grettenberger saying that "John, what Cadillac ought to do is come up with a design for an incredible limousine that has the big headroom and all of the assets that anyone could want."

1980's flagship supports the various features like:

1. Fax Machine and a paper shredder.
2. Video Cassette Recorder. 
3. Carphone and drink cabinets.
4. The interior design of the car is chosen by Trump.
5. Rosewood panels and Gold highlights.

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