Shocking revelation about Donald Trump's election rally

Jun 29 2020 09:53 AM
Shocking revelation about Donald Trump's election rally

US President Donald Trump's election rally is in the limelight in every country of the world. On Saturday, Washington Post was quoted as saying that during this election rally, the organizers removed the stickers carrying messages of physical distance on the chairs. It has been further written that all this happened at a time when Corona is the most infected in the US. Corona outbreak in America has not stopped yet. Thousands of chairs were placed here during the election rally. Chairs, which maintain physical distance, were placed on the stickers. This sticker read, "Do not sit here, please." The newspaper claims that but the organizers of the rally removed this sticker.

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According to media reports, the Corona management in the US had pasted not-sit stickers on 12,000 seats in view of the security protocol. However, a few hours before the rally, campaigners asked the event management to remove the sticker. The billboard magazine covering this election rally of Trump has shown a video of removing stickers from thousands of chairs. That is why, Trump's spokesperson for the rally campaign, Tim Murto, said in a statement The rally followed the Corona Protocol. He said that every member who participated in the rally was thermally tested. Besides, the participants were given face masks. People were provided with hand sanitizers. They said that no manager attached to it was asked to remove the sticker from the seats.

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In this rally, Trump had reached the stage without wearing a face mask. Not only that, thousands of people who attended the rally were not wearing a face mask following Trump. After this, Trump gave one of his interviews He said that he would not wear a face mask at the rally. He made it clear that he was not doing such a protest. Taking forward, he said that now I have no risk of Corona. The US President Trump had gone to Tulsa rally in Oklahoma province for campaigning.

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