Trump Deemed Ineligible for White House: Is His 2024 Election Bid Still Viable?
Trump Deemed Ineligible for White House: Is His 2024 Election Bid Still Viable?

Former US President Donald Trump faces disqualification from the upcoming Colorado primary polls for the 2024 presidential elections due to his alleged involvement in the Capitol riots led by his supporters. This unprecedented ruling renders him ineligible for a potential return to the White House, marking a historic moment in US electoral history.

Citing a rarely used provision in the US Constitution that prohibits officials from holding office if linked to "insurrection or rebellion," the court order specifically targets Trump's involvement in the Capitol unrest.

Responding to the decision, Trump's campaign spokesperson criticized it as "completely flawed" and pledged to challenge the ruling through an appeal to the US Supreme Court. The campaign intends to file for a stay of the decision, emphasizing its undemocratic nature in a released statement.

The disqualification signifies that under election regulations, Trump cannot be listed as a candidate on the presidential primary ballot in Colorado. Furthermore, any votes cast in his favor will not be counted, as stipulated by the court order.

While this ruling applies solely to the March 5 primary elections held by the Republican Party in Colorado, its implications may extend to the broader context of the November 5 general election for the presidency.

Experts suggest that Colorado, known as a secure state for the Democrats, is unlikely to be significantly affected by Trump's disqualification, according to nonpartisan US election forecasters.

In his bid to challenge the decision, the former president aims to take the matter to the Supreme Court, where conservative justices hold a majority, including three appointed by Trump himself.

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