Trump's Election Storm: Arrested in Atlanta, Mugshots Released, and Homeward Bound
Trump's Election Storm: Arrested in Atlanta, Mugshots Released, and Homeward Bound

Atlanta: After being arrested at an Atlanta jail on more than a dozen felony charges as part of a complex criminal investigation stemming from the former US president's attempts to avenge his Georgia 2020 election loss, Donald Trump's mug shot was made public on Thursday evening.

According to Fulton County Jail records, Trump's inmate number is P01135809, and he was seen glaring at the camera in the mug shot. Trump's appearance in the photograph was yet another extraordinary moment for him because he wasn't required to do so in any of his other three criminal cases.

He didn't waste any time in trying to use it to his advantage, posting it on his own social media platform, Truth Social, as well as X, the website that was formerly known as Twitter. The mug shot was posted on his campaign website along with a letter from Trump defending his actions and soliciting donations.

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After a mob of his supporters stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, Trump's account was banned, and the X post appears to be the president's first on the platform since that time. Late last year, Elon Musk, the owner of X, restored Trump's account.

Trump only stayed at the jail for about 20 minutes before leaving to return to his golf club in New Jersey. He reiterated his claim that the prosecution, along with the others he faces, are politically motivated before getting on his private plane at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

He told reporters, "What has happened here is a travesty of justice." "Everyone knows I did nothing wrong," you said.

Trump, 77, has already broken new ground as the first former US president to be charged with a crime, even as he launches a new bid for the presidency in 2019.

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But rather than hurting his chances of winning the Republican Party nomination, the four cases brought against him have only strengthened them. In the Republican race to unseat Democratic President Joe Biden in the November 2024 election, he enjoys a significant lead in the polls.

As Trump arrived at the jail, dozens of supporters crowded around to catch a glimpse while waving Trump banners and American flags. One of the former president's most devoted congressional allies, Georgia US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, was among the Trump supporters gathered outside.

Since early on Thursday, Lyle Rayworth, 49, who works in the aviation sector in the Atlanta region, had been waiting close to the jail for ten hours.
Rayworth said, "Yeah, I'm hoping he sees me waving the flags, showing support," as he awaited Trump's arrival. "He requires us."
Both Trump's opponents and supporters are certain to share the image widely.


We intend to print it on a T-shirt. It will spread globally. It will be more well-known than the Mona Lisa, predicted Republican former congressional candidate Laura Loomer, 30, as she socialised with other Trump backers outside the jail on Thursday morning.

Attorney Kenneth Chesebro, one of Donald Trump's 18 co-defendants, was given a trial date of October 23 by Judge Scott McAfee after the Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis suggested it in response to Chesebro's demand for a speedy trial. According to the judge's ruling, neither Trump nor any of the other defendants are yet subject to the schedule.

Authorities say that eleven of his co-defendants have already been taken into custody. Some people, like the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, looked dead serious in their mug shots, but others, like the attorney Jenna Ellis, grinned for the camera.

The deadline for all 19 defendants to turn themselves in was Friday. According to court documents, Mark Meadows, who worked as Trump's chief of staff in the White House, was processed at the jail on Thursday.

Rap songs have been written about the jail's dreadful conditions, which have led to an investigation by the US Justice Department.

In the Georgia case, Trump is accused of pressuring state officials to overturn his election loss and assembling an illegitimate slate of electors to thwart the formal congressional certification of Biden's victory in 2020. He is also charged with 13 felonies, including racketeering, which is typically used to target organised crime.


When Chesebro requested that his trial begin by October, Willis shifted the proposed trial date from March 4 to October 1. Although they haven't yet, Trump's legal team is likely to ask for a much later start time. Steven Sadow, his most recent Atlanta attorney, requested that Trump and Chesebro be tried separately on Thursday.

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In the three other cases, Trump has pleaded not guilty and asserted his innocence. Although defendants in Georgia are allowed to waive those appearances and enter a not guilty plea through a court filing, Willis has requested that arraignments in the Georgia case start the week of September 5.

The first case was brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who charged Trump with fabricating financial records to conceal payments of hush money to a porn star who claimed to have had a sexual encounter with him in the past.


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