Volcano erupts in sea, Tsunami to hit these countries

A piece of big news has surfaced from all over the world. In fact, there has been a massive volcanic eruption in the sea of Tonga Island near New Zealand. Meanwhile, an alert has been sounded in countries adjoining the Pacific Ocean following the blast. Most importantly, the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia are showing the threat of a tsunami. It is now feared that waves up to 3 metres high may rise in these countries. On the other hand, there are reports that there is no threat to India yet. According to the information received, the map of Tonga Island has changed in the photographs taken from the satellite after the volcano arrived. No damage has been reported so far.


On the other hand, about one lakh people live on Tonge Island. Let me tell you that there is a risk of high tsunami waves rising in the US West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska. A tsunami has also been reported from Japan, though no damage has been reported. So far many photos and videos have surfaced which are shocking.

The volcano is said to be so severe that smoke rose to a height of about 20 kilometres in the sky. A tsunami warning has also been issued here as New Zealand is 2,300 kilometres away from here. In addition, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii has reported waves hitting half a metre (one foot) to 80 centimetres (2.7 feet) at Navilivili, Kaui in Hanalei. In fact, the authorities here say that there is relief information that there is no damage in the entire islands and only minor floods have taken place.

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