Turkey, UN Negotiating With Ukraine For Export Of Grains

KIEV:: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that his country is currently negotiating with Turkey and the United nations regarding the export of grain via ports.

Zelensky said that implementing this project "will be difficult in some places, but definitely possible" because both farmers and Ukraine, as a grain exporting nation, are interested in it, according to Ukrayinska Pravda. Zelensky was speaking at a briefing in Kiev on Monday alongside visiting Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson. The President mentioned that Ukraine is presently blocking 22 million tonnes of grain.

"We are currently in negotiations with the UN and the Turkish side. The grain leaving our ports is safe thanks to our agents. But now is a crucial time for someone to ensure the security of the ships from specific nations that will arrive at our port to deliver food products in place of Russia, which we do not trust "He was reported to have said.

He noted that the UN takes the initiative in this process, and does not act as a moderator.  "Ukraine is not wasting time and we are working on numerous means, both by train and by river, to export our grain," the President further stated.

The Russian naval fleet is obstructing sea access to Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea coast, making it impossible to move grain to other nations in a secure manner, Ukrayinska Pravda said.

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