Turkish hackers breach Indian banks, stole crores

Nov 20 2019 11:28 AM
Turkish hackers breach Indian banks, stole crores

Agartala: The Muslim country of Turkey, which has opposed the decision on the Ayodhya case since the removal of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, has now launched a big attack on Indian banks. Turkish cyber experts attacked Indian banks and raised about Rs 1 crore from 45 accounts. The matter has come to light from Agartala, the capital of Tripura. Suspected Turkish hackers have withdrawn about 1 crore from 45 different bank accounts.

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It has been reported that hackers have defrauded crores of people through cloning SBI ATM cards. This case of cheating shaken cybercrime. Cybercrime Tean has appealed to all bank customers in Agartala district to be cautious and to take precautions. Superintendent of the Cyber Crime Branch of Tripura Police, Sharmishtha Chakraborty, has said that, in August, Turkish hackers in Guwahati carried out a similar incident through ATM cloning.

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He further said that this is why our message is on that only. Our investigation is on. If needed, we will take help of all the states where fraud has happened in this way. Taking this matter seriously, SBI has also closed its three local ATMs and one ATM of Tripura State Cooperative Bank.

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