Man first brutally raped the girl then murder her
Man first brutally raped the girl then murder her

Lucknow: Recently, A case of crime is come up from Phulpur / Pratappur. On Monday, a young woman was brutally murdered and thrown into the bushes on the roadside in front of Nai Basti village on Wari-Durgaganj road in Sarai Mamrej. The girl's clothes were messy. The police found her mobile nearby, on the basis of which it was found that the mobile belonged to the girl living in Mirpur police station area of Jaunpur. She is missing from home. A police team has been sent to Mirpur. It is being feared that the woman has also been raped before the murder.

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The same sources say that the body of a woman of about 35 years was lying in the bushes in front of Nai Basti village on Wari-Durgaganj road of Sarai Mamrej police station area. Her clothes were messy. The murderers killed her with knives all over the body, including her face. On Monday, when a woman who went to cut grass during the day saw the dead body, she made a noise. On reaching the police on information, in-charge SP Gangapar also reached there. The forensic team investigated. During this time mobile was found there. The police called many numbers but did not get up. The body has been sent for postmortem.

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According to SP Gangapar, investigation was done near the spot. Not much blood was found there. In the same way, her entire body has been stained with knives, there should have been a huge amount of blood spilt. It is feared that the body was thrown at a deserted place hereafter killing her from elsewhere. At present, the investigation is still in preliminary stage. The mobile which was found near the dead body was later called by a woman. They told that the girl from Mirpur in Jaunpur is missing. A team of police has been sent to Mirpur. People are suspected of misdeeds due to her worn clothes. This will be disclosed by post-mortem.

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Mobile call details will reveal who is the killer: - It is also being said that Phulpur. Call details are being taken out of the mobile which has been found near the girl's body. Currently, most of the mobile numbers found in the call log are closed or are not getting up. Police say that after getting the call details, complete information about the killers will be available.

No identification of dead body found in August yet: - Where Jagatpur. On 21 August near Payagipur highway in Utraon, after killing a young woman by strangulation, the murderers threw the dead body in the fields next to the service lane. Three months have passed since this incident, but the woman has not yet been identified.

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