Turkish President pledges to cut inflation to single-digit
Turkish President pledges to cut inflation to single-digit

Turkey: Turkey's president has promised to bring inflation down to single digits. After yearly inflation soared to 36.08 percent, the most since 2002, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged to reduce the country's inflation back to single digits.

"Whatever the reason, we are saddened that our folks are confronted with such an image," Erdogan said during a cabinet meeting at a press conference. According to Xinhua, the administration is committed to lower inflation to single digits as quickly as feasible. He noted that they had previously managed to cut it to 6 percent.

New economic measures will benefit the country's civil personnel and retirees, he said. Erdogan stated that civil officials' salaries will be increased by 30.5 percent, and that retired citizens' pensions will be increased in line with inflation. He declared that no pensioner's salary will be less than 2,500 Turkish Lira (USD192).

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