Qatar and Turkey to jointly operate Afghan airports
Qatar and Turkey to jointly operate Afghan airports

A joint group of Turkish and Qatari officials came in Kabul on Thursday to discuss their respective countries' roles in the running of Afghanistan's five airports. If Turkey and Qatar strike a deal with the Islamic Emirate's officials, the airports in Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Kandahar, and Khost provinces will be operated jointly.

The Taliban leadership would fully focus on the country's national interests when signing agreements with Turkish and Qatari enterprises, according to the Islamic Emirate's Ministry of Transport and Aviation. "The deal will cover the tower, ground handling, and certain other technical parts," said Transport Ministry spokesman Imamuddin Ahmadi.

According to the report, after the deal is signed, international planes will be available in Afghanistan 24 hours a day.During the August evacuation, the international airport in Kabul was severely destroyed.  "There are no major issues at this time; preparations have been made for flights, and certain outstanding issues will be rectified following the agreement," said Abdul Hadi Hamdan, Director of Kabul Airport.

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