Indian Ambassador in Ireland Faces Backlash for Supporting Modi Regime
Indian Ambassador in Ireland Faces Backlash for Supporting Modi Regime

The Indian ambassador to Ireland is facing criticism from the Congress party and the public for backing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government in response to an editorial by The Irish Times. The Congress party has strongly condemned the ambassador's statements and called for his removal from office. They have accused him of bias in his response to The Irish Times.

Ramesh, the Congress general secretary in charge of communications, stated, "While it's expected for the ambassador to defend the Indian government, openly attacking opposition parties like a party member is unacceptable, especially for a diplomat."

He later added, "I stand corrected. This ambassador is a career diplomat, which makes his comments even more shameful and unacceptable. He has violated service rules and should be dismissed immediately."

Critics have described the ambassador's behavior as unprofessional and shameful, suggesting it reflects a trend within the Modi government.

In a rejoinder to The Irish Times' editorial titled "Modi tightens his grip" on April 11th, the Indian envoy defended Prime Minister Modi, praising his character, integrity, and leadership in governance and development. He attributed Modi's popularity to his efforts against corruption.

The Indian embassy in Ireland echoed the ambassador's sentiments, criticizing The Irish Times for its biased editorial. However, many netizens have criticized the embassy's support for Modi's regime.

One user expressed, "Indian embassies seem to function more like offices of the ruling party, countering any criticism of PM Modi in a crude manner. It's concerning to see India's democracy undermined in this way."

Another user commented, "It's shameful that Indian embassies prioritize defending the ruling party over representing the country. This behavior goes against the ethics of diplomatic service."

A different user directly addressed the ambassador, saying, "Mr. Mishra, you represent India, not just the caretaker prime minister. It's disgraceful for an Indian official to openly support a political party. You should be ashamed."

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