People worshipped these TV stars as God

There is always a deep relationship between stars and fans. Many times the desire of fans for a star turns into madness. There are many such stars of Indian television whom people worship as Gods. It is common in South Indian cinema. The fans used to touch feet after seeing these actors and worshipped them. The name of Ram Arun Govil of Ramayana comes at the top in this list. In Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, Arun Govil brought Ram's role to life. He got so involved in this role that people really considered him God. Today, even after 33 years, people worship Arun Govil.

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The picture of his getup of Ram is still present in many temples, and people like Deepika Chikhaliya. Deepika played Sita in Ramayana. People liked Deepika's simplicity and mildness in the role of Sita. Even today she is worshipped as Sita. Deepika has told many times that as soon as she met people used to call her mother Sita. Sunil Lahiri played the role of Lakshman in Ramayana. The way Sunil Lahiri supported his brother Ram in every difficult time in the Ramayana, he left a different impression in the hearts of the audience. Nitish Bhardwaj played the role of Krishna in BR Chopra's Mahabharata. Crowd of people were desperate to get a glimpse of Nitish. Nitish won hearts in the role of Krishna with a light smile on his face. People started to consider him as Lord Krishna.

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Veteran actor Dara Singh played the role of Hanuman in Ramayana. Due to this role, Dara Singh became very popular. Not only this, people started to worship Dara Singh as Hanuman. People used to respect Dara Singh a lot. Actor Mohit Raina played the role of Lord Shiva in the TV show Devo Ke Dev: Mahadev. This role brought him tremendous popularity. Mohit's popularity was that people used to worship him as Lord Shiva. Swapnil Joshi played the role of Kush in the North Ramayana. After this, he appeared in the role of Bal Krishna in Shri Krishna. Swapnil brought the role of little and naughty Krishna to life. He once told how one of his fans in college touched his feet. Seeing Swapnil, that person started crying. It was also revealed that due to Swapnil he was able to quit smoking.

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