Twinkle Khanna called Ranveer Singh Photo Underexposed, we are unable to spot…
Twinkle Khanna called Ranveer Singh Photo Underexposed, we are unable to spot…

Twinkle Khanna, Bollywood Khiladi’s wife and one of the most famous actors of her time has opened up Ranveer Singh Nude Photo. Twinkle Usually remains in news because of her controversial statement. The actress took Instagram and wrote, “The first nudist colony in the world was reportedly based in Thane in 1891. At The Fellowship of the Naked Trust, clothes were not allowed, though you were kindly permitted to wear your eyeglasses and dentures. I suppose, after seeing all the dangling bits clearly, they expected you to bite your tongue if it wasn’t pleasing to the eye.”

The actress also called on the debate over Ranveer Singh's photo and added, “Following in these bare footsteps, our latest nudist Ranveer Singh’s nude photographs have been the subject of an FIR, television debates and even a musical parody with the stellar lyrics, ‘We can see his bum.’
The actress also hailed Vidya Balan's response to this. She added, Vidya Balan, who has been both the target of an obscenity case, and objectification like most actresses, said it best. When asked about her reaction to Singh’s photographs, she quipped, ‘What’s the problem? Let us also feast our eyes!’
The actress also called the photo underexposed and added, “I can assure the morally offended that while we are not advocating starting our own Fellowship of The Naked Trust, a thumping majority of women and the queer community are not bummed out by these photographs. In fact, we have only one complaint. Instead of over-exposure, the photographs seem underexposed. Even with spectacles, magnifying glasses and zoom tools, we are unable to spot any anatomical details, just a pool of shadows between two finely muscled legs.”

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