Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put up his tweet for sale

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweet has been available on the platform for over 15 years now but now he is selling it through a platform called valuables. For your information let us share that why this tweet is become talk of the town ? this tweet was from 2006 but now he wants to sell his first-ever tweet as an NFT. NFT or Non-fungible tokens mean something that cannot be replaced with something else.

Here it is to be noted that Jack Dorsey has provided a link to the website valuables where users can quote a sum for his tweet “just setting up my twttr”. You can quote any amount and make an offer on the platform. But the question arises, why would anyone want to pay for a tweet that was posted on a public platform. The tweet is anyway available to users across the globe. There isn’t anything particularly unique about the tweet as well. It just contains four letters where Dorsey has used the SMS lingo that was extremely popular back in those days.

However, Let us share point that surely will surprise you that is people agreed to pay high as $88,888.88 (roughly Rs. 64.04 lakh) for Dorsey’s tweet. People started making offers minutes after Dorsey posted the link to the valuables cent. Here as per reported, it is noted that once a user buys the tweet, he would have the sole right over Dorsey’s tweet. It is undeniably one of the most popular tweets of the platform but definitely not worth the money people are offering to buy it. As per Reuters report, the highest bid for the tweet stood at $100,000 (roughly Rs. 73.1 lakh) at 0125 GMT (6:55 am IST) on Saturday.

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