Twitter introduces conversation replay feature

Sep 17 2020 11:02 AM
Twitter introduces conversation replay feature

Today social media has become the most widespread platform to put anything in front of the world. Whether it is about society, family or any social issue, we do all kinds of communication on social media. Now that we are practising social distancing, Twitter is showing us glimpses of the time when we used to hang out with friends in 2019.

All this is possible with Twitter's Conversation Replay feature, which gives information about tweets made at the same time last year. Twitter has created Quilt.AI to know what people liked before 2020. Twitter has analyzed eight and a half million tweets made in 22 districts of the country under the 100 Time of September-November, 2019. According to this study, the ten most popular themes on Twitter include - animals, festivals, celebrity-related subjects, good works, family, food, humour, nostalgia, romance and sports-related topics (listed in alphabetical order).

In southern districts like Ernakulam, Hyderabad and Chennai, excessive dialogues took place on topics related to sports, food, celebrations, and laughter, while Ludhiana topped in dialogue in terms of romance and excessive dialogue on animals in Raipur. In Bhubaneswar, most of the dialogues were about family and good works, while in Mumbai, excessive dialogues were related to the subject of nostalgia. Along with this, many memories have been shared these days via Twitter.

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