Shocking revelation over Corona infected in Himachal
Shocking revelation over Corona infected in Himachal

Shimla: Suddenly, Corona's havoc is no longer taking the name of a halt, thousands of people are going to die every day due to the virus. This virus has now become the cause of death of people as well as a big epidemic for them. Due to this virus, panic is increasing in everyone's heart and mind today. The number of people who have died from this virus has crossed 1 lakh 60 thousand worldwide. Recently, for the first time in Himachal, both corona infected patients of district Hamirpur have appeared in a random sample test. Due to the lack of travel history of both, how the transition spread has become a puzzle. The woman is the wife of a contractor living in the Bajuri Panchayat, while the other is the principal of a private school in Jolasappad in the infected Nadaun. Both came to the infected medical college for a checkup.

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According to the information received, late Friday night, both were admitted to Bhota Hospital. In Hamirpur district, curfew relaxation has been canceled here for the first time in case of corona infection, besides sealing the boundaries of the district, the health department has collected more than hundred samples including members of both families. Both of their families have been quarantined at home. Surprisingly, both Corona-infected patients were staying at home with their families. The wife of the contractor is from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. They have lived in a rented building in Bajuri for the last 20 years. More than 35 people from 8 to 9 families from outside states live in the same building. The woman and her family went to a relative's wedding in Bareilly on 26 February and returned to Hamirpur on 5 March. The woman's husband said that his wife had put mustard oil in the ear a week and a half ago, which had frozen and he was having difficulty hearing. After this, we went to the ENT specialist of Hamirpur Medical College, but asked to get the flu OPD checked.

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It is also being said that the wife has no problem of cold and fever. The doctor asked to take samples in the hospital. Jolasappad resident school director told that he has been at home for three months. After the fever, the village clinics were first checked on March 28, then on April 3, which improved the health, but the wife asked him to go to the medical college citing Corona. Here samples of flu OPD, both samples turned positive in the investigation. Deputy Commissioner Hamirpur Harikesh Meena told that both the patients have come out with random sampling. People do not have to be afraid. Follow the administration guidelines.

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